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#skysolution - Sky Solutions have arrived!

What is Sky Solutions?

Sky Solutions is an innovative nonprofit and a new way to deal with pollution to cut it in half.

Sky Solutions is the owner of one of the most important inventions in all of human history. Now, thanks to their services, for the first time ever, anyone can pay to have pollution removed, conveniently and without restriction. It’s the dawn of a better, cleaner, more free world. We encourage Location Sponsorship to clean your favorite location's air!

The Plan:

The first giga ton scale Carbon remediation company in the US!

Who knows how much pollution we can bust? Only you, the funders, decide how far we can go by helping us raise funds!

Here are the goals of the charity for 2020:

Working together,

we can clear the air.

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Formal Exclusive

Private Announcement

Greetings and Happy New Year!

We want to inform you of new investment and humanitarian opportunities for you to make a huge impact with your funds in a DIRECT manner. 

Your money = removed pollution

What if I told you it was now possible to remove pollution (gasses and particulate)?
Sounds sensational, right?
Sky Solutions has developed and tested a technology to do just this.
10 Years research and development has produced a technology that has the power to change the planet.

The entire basis of the pollution services will also expand into a new global carbon asset backed macroeconomy!

1.6 TRILLION USD in new pollution debt is created every year from the global services and removal of 16 gigations {50% of total GHG emissions} of pollution when global services are turned on in 2022.

This letter is to warn you that the debts will be enforced at the global level and delivered to the UN ambassadors and Treasury Secretaries. 

You will witness a visible reduction globally in every city once global services are turned on.  We will activate them when the first country agrees to accept its portion of the global debt of pollution.

Fair and equitable, its distribution of the debt and pricing reduction perks will depend on GDP and Emission Inventories of a given nation.

A new economy backed by 16 billion co2 credits a year will be forming up, with Bonds that pay the owner %s based on the country's credit worthiness with S&P and their payment history in our accountability based, transparent, blockchain locked accountability tracking system:
cGAS: Carbon Global Accountability System.

1.6 trillion USD in new 100 dollar bond instruments {non fungible blockchain assets} will be released into the debt system and be purchasable by the countries, the wealthy such as you, banks, federal reserves, treasury departments, IMF, World bank etc.

Debt warning letters will be delivered to the various government UN ambassadors and Treasury Secretaries via lawyer office collection letters.  The debt bonds that this system will create will pay between 1-10% yearly depending on the risk and stability of a given country's bond instruments and debt payment habits.

Be part of the new 40 trillion dollar economy we have opened up from the pollution solution!

Be an owner of a nation's debt and their payments go to you!  Bulk discounts for debts as well as payment tokens for mitigation costs will be available in OTC desk Interface via ETH blockchain and USDC fiat on-ramping.

Sky Solutions 501c3 Charity

"The Pollution Solution" for 2020 and beyond!